This is to provide you with important information regarding your Individual Authorized Access to the CMS Computer Services (IACS).

It is very important that you do not ignore or disregard any emails from Centers for Medicare Services (CMS). Please take the actions instructed in their emails and respond to them ASAP, if requested.

Pay close attention especially to emails regarding password renewals, annual certification and you need to update the information on your account if your agency had a change of address and/or phone number. Failure to do so could result in your accounts being deactivated which would require significant time to restore.

Also, CMS recently updated their system which disabled some IACS accounts. Please login to your IACS account ASAP to make sure that your account is still active. You will be unable to log in to your account if your account has been disabled. If this happens, please call IACS ASAP so they can assist you in reactivating your account. There are also cases where you can log in, but you do not have a role anymore (i.e. Security Official). If this happens, you will need to reapply for that role again.

Unlike before, your Medicare intermediary (i.e. National Government Services, CGS, Palmetto, etc) will no longer be able to email you your Provider Statistical and Reimbursement (PS&R) reports.

Although CMS would assist in these complications, it does not guarantee a timely resolution. Please try to avoid any complications that could delay the submission of your cost report by responding to the CMS emails and checking your accounts’ status promptly. 100% of your Medicare payments maybe suspended if the cost report is not filed in a timely manner.

If you need any assistance with the information above, please contact the IACS External User Services (EUS) Help desk at 866-484-8049; EUSSupport@cgi.com or you may contact Claire from our office at (909)305-0211; claire [at] ebmcpa.com.

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