EBMCPA, Inc. is a Medicare/Medi-Cal Cost Report specialist for Home Health Agencies, Hospice, and Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Earl Macasaet has worked in the health care accounting industry since 1989 and after founding Earl Benedict Macasaet, C.P.A., Inc. (EBMCPA, Inc.). In 1994, he began to put his expertise to work by specializing in health care related companies with an emphasis on Medicare Certified Home Health Agencies and Hospice Care.  He now provides expert assistance to over 500 satisfied clients in different states across the USA, of which 90% represent Medicare/Medi-Cal Certified Home Health Agencies, Hospice Care, Skilled Nursing Facilities, and other healthcare related industries.

The sole focus of EBMCPA, Inc. and its highly trained CPA team is to provide your business with professional and knowledgeable support.   We provide the following expert services for your Health Care Agency to assist you on your path to success and growth:

Medicare Cost Reports

Accurate Medicare Cost Reports and timely filing are of utmost importance to Medicare Certified Home Health Care Agencies for proper reimbursement. Our team is specially trained to ensure that your agency files an accurate cost report that complies with all regulatory requirements. We prepare hundreds of cost reports each year and each one gets the personal and comprehensive attention that it deserves. Please ask us about the full range of services we provide for the effective management of a Home Health Agency’s financial well-being.

We provide expert Cost Report preparation services including:

  • Analysis of Accounting Records to ensure Compliance with Medicare Regulations
  • Year End Adjusting Journal Entries, Adjusted Trial Balance
  • Cost Report Package for submission to corresponding Medicare Intermediary, including:
    • Electronic Cost Report on CD
    • Work Papers related to Cost Report reclassification and adjustments
    • Trial Balance
    • Grouping Schedule
    • Compiled Financial Statements
  • Electronic Cost Report File on CD and copy of submitted Cost Report

If you have encountered issues with overpayment and need to arrange an Extended Repayment Plan (ERP), we can help make the necessary arrangements with Medicare.

We assist with compiling the necessary financial statements and other needed documentation.

We also calculate forecasted balance sheets and statements of forecasted income and cashflows and prepare them for submission.

This needs to be addressed in a timely manner to avoid withholding of your payments.

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Other Services
  • Expert assistance with Individual Authorized Access to the CMS Computer Services (EIDM) Enrollment and Account Maintenance/Assistance
  • Operating and Capital Expenditure Budgets
  • ERP Requests (Extended Repayment Plan)
  • Medicare Audit & Appeal Representation
  • Staff Training on Medicare Regulations and Accounting Issues
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Tax and Accounting
    • Corporate and Payroll Tax Returns
    • Budgets, Projections, & Tax Planning
  • Home Health Start-Up Agency Consulting Services
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Applications, Licenses, and Certifications (State & Federal)
    • Policies and Procedures
  • Hospice CAP / Limitation Calculation

EBMCPA, Inc. also provides expert services in other fields. To find out more, please click HERE.

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